HIV PEP Singapore

Professional HIV PEP in Singapore

Sadly, the occurrence of HIV is rapidly increasing, which makes it that much more vital that you protect yourself against this in every way that you can. However, if you could not prevent your exposure to HIV, you will want to be tested as quickly as possible in some instances. Ways in which you can receive your HIV PEP Singapore, includes the antibody, saliva, blood tests and much more. All of these tests are specifically designed to decipher if you have contracted the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, which is the virus that ultimately causes AIDS. If you have been reduced to HIV within the last 72 hours, you will actively benefit from initial HIV PEP Singapore (post-exposure prophylaxis). This kind of HIV therapy as an exceptional success standard in the prevention of HIV infection. However, the only way to ensure early detection and protect yourself is to have an HIV test Singapore.

When it comes to HIV, there is a minuscule window of opportunity in which your HIV will be able to bypass HIV tests. In this window, your HIV test may come back negative; however, you are still highly infectious if you have in fact been infected with HIV. Depending on the particular HIV test that you have done, the test will often be described as sensitive, or specific, depending on the HIV test that has been completed. Most tests used for HIV testing need a very high degree of sensitivity and specificity. This is ensured by using an HIV PEP Singapore that combines both of these types of tests for HIV antibodies. If you have any of the HIV antibodies in your body, they will be detected by this trial, which will be followed by another to ensure absolute accuracy of your diagnosis of HIV.

When you choose to have your HIV PEP Singapore is done, it is vital for you to understand that your doctor is legally and morally bound to keep your information private. Therefore, when you choose to have an HIV test performed, you can rest assured that your privacy and secrecy will be maintained up, regardless. In this manner, when you have your HIV test that you’re trying will be confidential, consensual and if you do test positive for the HIV, you will be provided with counseling if you so desire. It is not important to know for sure that you have in fact been exposed to the HIV, just to ensure your safety and the safety of others, be tested to be certain.