Best Car Insurance Policy

Tips You Need To Get The Best Car Insurance Policy

The total amount you pay for car insurance depends on various factors. This includes your marital status, age, the place you live, the type of car you drive. You cannot do anything regarding your age and many people move their place just to lower their insurance premiums. But you can select a vehicle that costs less to insure. In this article, we will provide tips you need to get car insurance.

Determine your Coverage Types 

What is your car insurance policy insuring? Although you are buying one insurance policy that covers a specific vehicle, there are lots of components that make up the final costs. First, the bodily injury liability. This can cover death and injury claims against you. This will also cover the legal costs especially if your car injures or has killed someone accidentally.

Second, there is the property damage liability at Hong Leong Assurance. This one can cover claims for property that your car was damaged during an accident. Since liability coverage can protect the other party, this is required in all states.

Next, orient yourself with the medical payments. This can pay for injuries to yourself plus the occupants in the car. In some states, medical payments are considered optional. In ‘no-fault’ states, personal injury protection will replace the medical payments as one part of the basic coverage.

Then, there is uninsured motorist protection. This one can cover the injuries caused to you or the occupants in your car which is caused by the uninsured or hit-and-run drivers. Meanwhile, under-insured coverage is also available. This can cover claims you make versus a driver who has inadequate insurance. In some states, 30% of the drivers are uninsured.

Furthermore, there is the collision coverage at Hong Leong Assurance. This can cover the damage to your car up to its book value. Collision coverage will include a deductible that refers to the amount per claim that you need to pay before the insurance takes effect. The lower the deductible, then the higher the premium that you can have. Though it is legally optional, lending institution or leasing company will sometimes require collision coverage.

Finally, there is the comprehensive or physical damage coverage. This can cover damage to your car from vandalism, theft, fire, flood, wind, and other causes. Comprehensive coverage also includes a deductible.

Your Vehicle Type Will Affect your Premium 

If you wish to have a fancy SUV or a sports car, take note that your car insurance online company may charge you more as you drive these cars.

Remember that insurance premiums are partly based on the vehicle’s price. This can affect the replacement costs especially if it is stolen or totaled in an accident. Moreover, the repair costs of the vehicle including labor and its parts can also dictate the cost of the premium. There are also surcharges to vehicles that are frequently stolen or get involved in accidents. The lowest injury claims are the large vehicles that are the sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Meanwhile, the small two and four-door cars can have the highest injury claims. Remember those small cars are among the highest in collision costs similar to sports cars. If you have your heart and mindset on a specific sports car, then be ready to pay dearly. Remember that insuring a high-performance car can costs two or three times higher than the ordinary model.

The sports car that is the hottest market segment can often have higher insurance rates versus the full-size and mid-size cars. However, SUVs are also ‘hot’ because of many reasons. SUVs are among those frequently stolen vehicles and they are expensive than other cars. Currently, the most popular model eyed by thieves is the Cadillac’s Escalade and followed by the Nissan Maxima sedan. Moreover, SUVs cost more to fix right after an accident especially if the drive system has been damaged.

But take note that the car insurance online companies set rates according to their experience. If Company A has experienced more theft and collision claims for one vehicle than Company B, then Company A will have to charge more for the same coverage. Indeed, it all boils down to a company’s experience with a vehicle plus its category of drivers. This is the reason why it is best to shop around companies to look for the best insurance policy.

Who You Are Determines your Premium 

Factors that you cannot control can have the greatest impact on your insurance costs. Your genders, age, driving record are some factors that can affect your insurance premium. Single males below 25 years of age will have to pay the highest rates. According to studies, this age group is involved mostly in accidents. Thus, insurance companies charged younger men higher than women of the same age.

Meanwhile, if you are convicted of violating traffic rules, your premiums will likely go up, no matter how old you are.