serviced apartments in Singapore

Why Choose The Serviced Apartment In Singapore

The serviced apartment, corporate housing or self-catering apartment is a residential apartment which serviced as a hotel. Serviced apartments mix the feel of your home and the luxury of a hotel that blends perfectly with comfort and elegance, that can be matched by few other housing types.

People who visit and tour Singapore with a large schedule would prefer not to stay in hotels, because of the high room rates and the recurring bills. While buying a condo or an apartment is an unnecessary investment, Serviced apartments offering much cheaper rates than contemporary hotels is the ideal choice and can serve the purpose of a group of expatriates, and businessmen who decide to settle in Singapore for a short period of time.

Most serviced apartments in Singapore have excellent facilities and cater to a wide demographic. They offer facilities like; Gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports facilities, barbeque pits, sauna & spa rooms. At select residential units, maid services, conference and office rooms are also available. The minimal stipulations and lack of a long-term contract involved in renting a serviced apartment and the flexibility of coming and going at any time have furthered the attractiveness of these units to many residents.

AurealisGroup Serviced Apartment, offers full facilities and amenities similar to those in most condominiums, a gorgeous living area with stylish 1 & 2 bedroom apartment, featuring a master bedroom with an attached bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, study area, fully-equipped kitchen, dining and living hall are present in serviced apartments, and combined with a price lower than renting a condominium unit or staying in a hotel room, they are light not only on the pocket but also allow the guests a sense of belonging!

If you are staying in Singapore for less than a year, you can consider using AurealisGroup serviced apartments offering the most hassle-free housing solution. Relocating for more than a year? It is probably better to find a new home in the right district but before signing an apartment lease in a randomly chosen district, spending a few months in AurealisGroup serviced apartments first will give you time know the different areas of the lion-city and select the apartment that suits you best.