Cute Crop Top Outfit Ideas You Can Try

Cute Crop Top Outfit Ideas You Can Try

From a small pinch of sassy fun to summer and spring fashion must-haves, there are literally a thousand different ways to wear crop top, which will leave you wondering what the heck took you so long to get here. When the weather is warm, a cotton or silk crop top can be a comfortable, stylish way to dress up your everyday wardrobe. Wearing the wrong size can mean looking frumpy; on the other hand, too big a crop top can seem as though you’re trying too hard to fit in. So if you’re left wondering how to wear crop tops, here are some tips for picking out the right one and keeping it stylish all throughout the season. 

Crop top with mini skirt 

One option for how to wear crop tops is to dress them down. With so many strapless tops on the market today, including spaghetti straps and halter neck versions, it’s easy to forget that there are some other options for a flowing top. A sleek, short skirt is often the best option for adding a bit of height without being too overwhelming. 

Opt for a v-neck crop top 

If you’re interested in making a dressier piece of clothing, opt for a v-necked crop top instead. Try a ruffled fabric with an empire waist or a sweetheart-hem edge for an edgier look. This is a great option for a dressy dress, even one as simple as a pair of jeans. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing style, as long as you stay away from bright, patterned fabrics. A simple, straight-line skirt is the perfect match for this kind of outfit. 

With skinny jeans 

For something a little less subtle, wearing a thin, cap-toed crop top with skinny jeans is a stylish and flattering combination. Wear it with a blazer and leather belt to complete the look. It’s a classic example of how a crop top can be dressed down to make it look classy and chic. Pair it with a vintage-looking jacket for a winter look that still has plenty of panache. 

With straight pants 

There’s also no shortage of ways to wear cropped tops with straight pants. Choose flowy materials to make the outfit stand out. Materials like cashmere and silk are particularly popular because they drape well and don’t cling to the body, allowing you to move around freely without any constrictions. Cashmere is especially soft, enabling you to get away with thicker fabrics that could really chafe your skin. You can easily change the style of this clothing item anytime you want by opting for a different top. 

Add some layers 

Another way to wear cropped tops with straight pants is to layer them over a longer piece of clothing. If you have a short skirt or a mini-dress on, pair it with a cropped shirt that falls right at the bust. Wear the same shirt under a cardigan, another top that falls just at the bust line, and a longer jacket to complete the layered look. It’s a versatile way of putting on clothes that gives you total control over how you wear them. 

Cropped shirts with straight pants are also great when paired with lingerie. Lace or fringes can create a cute and sexy look, especially when worn along with boy shorts or a skirt. A lace crop top can be layered underneath a mini skirt and then worn as lingerie. A long, snug fitting cardigan can also be layered with the shirt, creating a very modest way to wear tops with pants. 

Cropped shirts with straight pants can be worn as everyday clothing too. Pair them with a plain, solid colored top that falls just at the bust line, and pair it with skinny jeans or leggings. The shirt can be one of several pieces that make up a layered outfit, or they can be the piece that finishes it all off. They can be worn with almost anything and worn casually or with an elegant style for an evening out. 

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